Automatic web
traffic upgrade

Maximum performance without
service interruptions

The automatic web traffic upgrade is the feature, active on all our premium managed hosting packages, which will allow you to manage the peak periods of use of your site at maximum speed and without service blocks. The first month of exceeding the limits is always free. By activating the automatic upgrade, your site will be able to exceed the traffic limits included in the plan. You will pay only for the effective exceeding of the limits, in blocks of 1 terabyte (1000 GB/month), from the second month onwards. To see the prices or characteristics of our solutions, receive a personalised offer or request support, you must be registered. Register now.

What is used for?

All web traffic on all our plans is delivered in ultra-gigabit bandwidth, to ensure your site has the fastest speed and best connectivity currently available on the market. We never impose any kind of limit or restriction on your site’s use of bandwidth. In our hosting packages, there is only a monthly limit on the total generated internet traffic.

Thanks to the automatic upgrade you can go beyond this constraint and overcome the traffic limits to, for example, manage temporary peak periods of visits to your site.

How it works?

The operation is relatively simple: to activate the automatic upgrade you only need to access your private area and go to the “Services” section. At the “web/mail” item of each site, the item “Automatic traffic upgrade when the limit set by the plan is exceeded”: by setting this item to “Active”, the automatic traffic upgrade will be activated on the site.

Thereon, the plan will be set as “Unlimited traffic” and, at the end of each month, only in the event of an actual exceeding of the limits and only from the second month, will the bill be issued for each terabyte (1000 GB/month) of additional traffic.

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