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Improve your site’s loading times

The Artera CDN is a very simple Content Delivery Network that will allow you to speed up your site in a few simple steps. Based on Cloudflare, which has a network of more than 150 servers all over the world and a bandwidth capacity of more than 20 Tbps, the Artera CDN is included in all our Managed plans and will be configured directly by our technicians during the onboarding phase of your site. To see the prices and the features of our packages, receive a personalized offer or request support, you must be registered. Register now.

What is CDN Artera useful for

A CDN takes care of uploading all the static content (images, CSS style sheets and Javascript scripts) of your site to a geographically distributed network of servers. The CDN servers will keep a copy of the resources in memory serving them to the user, when needed, through the closest node.

This leads to several advantages: the first of which is to reduce the loading times of your site especially on older browsers which limit the simultaneous download of more resources from the same domain.

The distributed network of servers also guarantees a download speed of static content much higher in all parts of the world by decreasing latency due to geographical distance.

The remote download of contents also greatly reduces the internet traffic that is delivered by the site server: therefor a CDN in the medium term will also reduce hosting and cloud costs.


Artera CDN is extremely simple to configure: based on the services offered by Cloudflare, our technicians have developed an infrastructure that allows the configuration of the CDN simply by setting a dedicated URL for each new site that is activated.

The CDN infrastructure takes care of all the operation, including the rewriting of CSS files to ensure compatibility with the different subfolder tree of the CDN.

The Artera CDN is compatible with any type of site which does not require changes. The original static assets remain accessible even at their starting addresses: the CDN is an additional level of site optimization.

For the WordPress and Magento CMSs, in particular, thanks to the experience of our technicians, we have already selected or internally developed the plugins necessary for its integration.

The configuration on WordPress and Magento

On WordPress and Magento the Artera CDN is already configured. In case of a new installation, the plugins for its activation are already installed in our version of the two CMS . In case of transfer to our infrastructure we will take care of all the necessary steps.

On WordPress we will install and configure a third-party plugin that, in addition to the configuration of the Artera CDN, also takes care of the minification of CSS and JS files optimizing your site’s performance further.

In case of Magento we will install a plugin developed by our technicians and already integrates “ cache busting ” logic that allows you to “invalidate” the cache in case of changes or updates to the contents of the site.

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