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Our infrastructure is the best place for your application

In Artera, we believe that your website, your e-commerce or your application are essential for your business. For this reason, in addition to constantly developing and improving our products and our stack from a technological point of view, we work to offer you advanced but easy-to-use solutions to find an answer, with the help of our technicians, to all your needs.

Here you will find some of our proposals and some examples of use of our Managed premium Shared Hosting and Dedicated Cloud.

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Nextcloud: the self-hosted solution to your business problems

Nextcloud is the open source software thanks to which you can keep control of all your company resources in a secure and personalized way. Nextcloud includes a file storage and sharing system in the cloud, a chat and video conferencing and a suite of Office products advanced and easy to use. Everything your company needs to work in smart working mode in a simple way.

In a simple and safe way. In fact, Nextcloud is completely self-hosted this means that, unlike similar commercial solutions (such as Google, DropBox etc.) the software and all documents reside on a web space or on a server dedicated exclusively to your company. The best in terms of privacy.

Nextcloud can be installed on all our managed premium shared hosting or, for more advanced needs, on our dedicated clouds .

File sharing in cloud

Chat, videocall e webinars

Suite Office: word processor, spreadshee and presentation

100% private. Guaranteed access to your company only

Managed support by our systems engineers

Your WHM/cPanel Dedicated Cloud Server

Thanks to our solutions dedicated to WHM / cPanel based on our dedicated cloud servers you can activate your cPanel shared hosting server with the same infrastructure and configuration that we apply to our shared hosting managed premium : the Artera stack .

We will take care of keeping your server and all installed applications up to date and our technicians will be at your disposal to give you and your customers the maximum support.

WHM / cPanel License

Artera Hardening

Dedicated support

Transfer of all your domain names

WordPress solutions

All our shared hosting plans and all our dedicated clouds are compatible and configurable with WordPress. But our service is not limited to this: we guarantee maximum compatibility with WordPress and with all the most popular template plugin and higher performance.

Each new WordPress project that is transferred to our servers is checked by our technicians before the go live: in addition to ensuring that the transfer has taken place correctly, we verify the status of the site and we intervene directly to improve its performance through cache systems and our CDN

For new projects, we will take care of installing our optimized version of WordPress which includes all the most useful plugins, chosen by our technicians.

Throughout the life of your site you can rely on our technicians for any type of system request or verification: we will support your developers to manage any problem as quickly as possible.

Total compatibility and maximum performance

WAF guaranteed Security

White Gloves Migration

Artera CDN integration

Free Full Assessment

WordPress upgrade to the latest version

Free troubleshooting support

Magento Solutions

Our servers are the ideal place to host your Magento eCommerce. We support Magento 1 on all our managed premium hosting and Magento 2 on plans starting from cloud managed server, activated with our Stack Artera with NGINX. In both cases, our technicians will be available to support your developers in every aspect of the configuration and optimization of your site from a systemic point of view.

Total compatibility and maximum performance

WAF guaranteed Security

Full Managed Support and Assistance

Python Hosting

All our Managed Premium Hosting plans can be configured as Python Hosting in a very simple way, with a few clicks.

Artera’s Python hosting is fully compatible with any WSGI application, the standard for the development of Python web applications. In particular, it is compatible with all the most used Python CMS available such as Django CMS.

One-click activations

Can be activated in coexistence with a PHP hosting

Compatible with all popular Python CMS

MySql Slow Query

MySQL Slow Query is the cPanel module developed by Artera’s technicians, active on all our Hosting Managed Premium plans that will allow you to analyse and improve your site’s performance.

This module examines the system logs, normally visible only to the administrator, and generates a report relating to the slowest queries recently performed by the site.

Report of your website’s slowest queries

Report of slower query usage

Analyze and optimize your website’s performance

Artera CDN

The Artera CDN is a very simple Content Delivery Network that will allow you to speed up your website in a few simple steps.

It’s based on Cloudflare, which has a network of more than 150 servers all over the world and a bandwidth capacity of more than 20 Tbps,

Optimize your website’s performance

Activated on WordPress and Magento in a few clicks

Automatic traffic upgrade

The automatic web traffic upgrade is the feature, active on all our premium managed hosting packages, which will allow you to manage the peak periods of use of your site at maximum speed and without service blocks. The first month of exceeding the limits is always free. By activating the automatic upgrade, your site will be able to exceed the traffic limits included in the plan. You will pay only for the effective exceeding of the limits, in blocks of 1 terabyte (1000 GB/month), from the second month onwards.

No more blocks due to traffic limit

First month free

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