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The birth and evolution of the digital world represented a step forward for the protection of the environment: travels by car powered by fossil fuels, once essential to reach your workplace, have been reduced thanks to smart working. Likewise, the exchange of ideas instead of the final products has allowed to further reduce travel by road and ship. Just think of the creation of 3D printers allowing to create one’s own products directly at home, starting from a project available online.

If this is true, however, it must be admitted that also the internet has an impact on the environment, as demonstrated by the presence of data centres around the world. These systems involve not only a considerable consumption of electricity, but also of other resources such as water to power the server farms.

An impact that becomes larger day by day. For this reason, the change towards a greener future must take place also in this sector, embracing a philosophy like that of Artera, proud of their The Green Web Foundation certification.

Today there are nearly 2 billion websites in the world: the change towards a greener future must also take place in this sector.

Sharing a philosophy, rather than simply adapting to market needs, means seeking change in every element of the company. While all members of the team do their part in their own small way, on a large scale we can boast the use of renewable energy in all of our data centres. This has made it possible to reduce the enormous energy impact that these systems would otherwise have, requiring electricity both for maintenance and for cooling the components.

Speaking of cooling: inside them, no disposable water is used, but a closed circuit system that allows it to be reused without continuously drawing from the groundwater in the area. This water consumption, calculated in the field with the acronym WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness), is one of the elements to which we pay more attention in our continuous search for the best possible sustainability.

This is confirmed by the ISO14001 certification obtained by Artera and which represents this overall vision and our commitment to the future.

Renewable energies supporting all data centres to reduce the energy impact, and a water recycling system so as not to consume it in the cooling processes.

Our philosophy is not limited only to the environment: respect for the world we live in extends to people, with programs to promote awareness in the youngest (such as Isoc and Programma il Futuro) and in our customers, with particular attention towards their data and their needs. The Internet has often been associated with a profound insecurity linked to one’s privacy and personal data, but at Artera we want to make our customers feel “at home”: they need to know what our commitment is to protect their information, through CISPE, and that they will always have full control of their data.


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