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  • Some of our services: High storage vps, Hostinger brasil and Vps dedicated ip

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Fast ssd hosting

Discover the total Artera offer: outright protection of personal privacy and safety, maximum performance as well as pro-active assistance, to expect all your demands. Whether it is the enrollment of a domain name or our premium cloud hosting solution, we always assure the most effective high quality, based on years of experience in the market, on the comments and needs of each consumer.

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SSD hosting, speed for your website: How important is speed for your website? Let's say critical.

If you work on the Web, you know how much having a fast, high-performing site makes a difference in an increasingly competitive reality. Without a doubt, visitors like to land on sites that load in the blink of an eye and allow for smooth and fast navigation. Have you ever had to make an online purchase? If the site is slow, does not load the pages or gives problems in completing the order automatically you will be inclined to think that the company behind that site is not reliable or even that the products are not of quality.

If this has happened to you most likely you will have given up buying. That's why the speed of your website is so important to ensure a better browsing experience for your visitors. Choosing the right hosting can mean having a great ally for the success of your online business, and among the many variables to consider when choosing is definitely the SSD drive. Why? We find out in this article.

What is an SSD?

Let's take a look together at the main features of an SSD storage and a traditional HDD hard drive. SSD stands for Solid State Drive, which is a semiconductor-based mass storage device that uses flash memory for data storage. The SSD hard disk drive is an evolution of the old HDD - Hard Disk Drive - which, on the other hand, is a magnetic-type mass storage device that uses magnetized disks for data storage. Flash memory allows data to be read and written much faster than the electromagnetic technology of the HDD, which requires the movement of mechanical parts for writing. The major difference between HDDs and SSDs is precisely the method of data storage: the hard disk stores data on rotating disks, which necessarily take longer to read and write.

Thanks to microchips, on the other hand, the new SSD disks make it possible to write or read a piece of data immediately.

The read speed of an SSD storage can be 30 to 100 times faster than a traditional disk. What's more, SSD disks are quieter, consume less power, produce less heat, and are less delicate than HDDs. This is precisely why to this day people are starting to use SSD disks for most PCs, both desktop and laptop. If you're wondering what this has to do with your website, the answer is simple: have you ever thought about how useful it is to choose an SSD hosting plan to improve the speed of your website?

SSD hosting, what is it?

But let's see together what is meant by SSD hosting and what benefits it can have for your website. SSD hosting is nothing more than a web hosting service that is based on an infrastructure that takes advantage of SSD technology.

This means that your hosting takes advantage of the cutting edge of this new technology to ensure fast write speeds and high performance for your website. Just as with PCs, the performance of an SSD compared to an HDD is significantly higher for server hosting.

This is why more and more hosting providers are relying on this technology to ensure their customers receive a superior product. If you haven't already done so consider moving your website to SSD technology hosting and we assure you that you won't regret it. Now let's see together what are the advantages of this choice.

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Do you need: fast ssd hosting?

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