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All your documents on a private cloud: maximum accessibility and security.

Nextcloud is an open-source and self-hosted file sharing and synchronisation solution designed to be easy to use and highly secure. Thanks to the in-cloud management, all files will always be easily accessible by the company staff, even on mobile device, with the security and privacy that only a private solution can guarantee thanks to the always included SSL certificate.

Thanks to Swiss Premium Total Privacy Files Storage & Sharing we will take care of installing Nextcloud on one of our Hosting Managed Premium or Cloud DDC Managed Premium plans, keeping the software updated and functional and giving you all the necessary support during its use.

Why in cloud? Why private?

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Users need collaboration.

Whatever is your company, for productivity reasons, some of your business data is already in one or more public clouds.

People must be able to work easily and the new generations of employees know which tools to use so they share documents such as email attachments to Gmail addresses, they use Trello or share via Dropbox. The question is not “Cloud or not Cloud” but “which Cloud?” and “How to regain control?”

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Public clouds are not a safe solution.

Most consumer-grade solutions such as Dropbox or Office 365 were not designed with privacy regulations or security concerns in mind, and they mix consumer and business data, distributed across data centres around the world.

Rather than trying to get around these limits, Nextcloud offers you a secure solution that gives IT complete control over the location and policies of data access.

Artera Managed Service

The archiving of corporate documents is a problem that deserves the utmost attention: for this reason, the Nextcloud Managed Contract service combines the high-level functionality of Nextcloud with the quality of our Hosting and Cloud services and that of our system and application support.

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Provisioning our version

We install our version of Nextcloud which is already properly configured to start your new project. You can choose the one that best suits your needs from our Hosting and Cloud plans.

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Nextcloud Team Updater

With each release of a new version, our team will take care of keeping your Nextcloud application always updated and safe.

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Assistance and support

Our technicians are available to answer your questions and find the best solution for your every need in the field of document archiving.

Nextcloud: features for users

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Easy Access Anywhere

A modern, easy-to-use web interface, desktop client and mobile app. Real-time collaboration and immediate access to all data from any device including via NFS, (S)FTP, WebDAV and more.

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Maximum security

Open-souce, self-hosted, with powerful on-server and end-to-end encryption. All files are stored within the company infrastructure, with no third parties being able to access them without authorisation from the administrator or authorised users.

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Search Engine

Nextcloud includes a powerful full-text search engine that can use Elasticsearch as a back-end. Its flexible plugin-based interface enables search beyond files and supports other back-end solutions such as Apache Solr.

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Collaboration and productivity

Nextcloud includes real-time notifications of shares and comments on mobile devices, collaborative editing, a transparent transition to chat and audio/video calls and a wide variety of other productivity tools for managing emails, appointments, activities.

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Securely encrypted

Nextcloud can encrypt data for both local and remote archiving, protecting data stored on networks outside the corporate infrastructure. Keys can be managed by an external key management server or stored locally on the server.

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Secure exchange of files

Nextcloud allows collaboration and file-sharing also with external subjects to the company, always guaranteeing security and privacy even in cases where data criticality is high such as in hospitals, banks, or in government agencies.


Nextcloud plugins

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Talk Nextcloud

Talk is the video conferencing software that will allow you to carry out your business meetings and meetings with your customers online

Discover Nextloud Talk

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Nextcloud OnlyOffice

OnlyOffice will allow your whole team to work directly on shared documents in the cloud easily with complete security and privacy.

Discover OnlyOffice


Nextcloud: the benefits for system administrators

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IT monitoring.

Nextcloud allows system administrators to monitor their status and performance thanks to a graphical interface and an API specific for the App. The software generates logs to keep track of all users’ activities.

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Activity Tracking

Nextcloud File monitors all users’ activities. It saves all file changes, download, shares and changes to comments or tags in a log, providing administrators with an email or RSS feed notifications and a complete overview accessible from browsers and clients.

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Workflow management

With Nextcloud, system administrators can control and direct the data flow between users. The ability to create management rules based on tags, physical location, user group, file ownership and request type allows administrators to specifically deny access, conversion, deletion or retention of data based corporate or legal requirements.

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Integrated account management

Nextcloud features integrated account management with an optional two-factor authentication, single sign-on support and integration with external user directories such as LDAP or IMAP, SMB, FTP and more. For each user, you can set a name, a disk quota, email and group membership. If necessary, each user can be set up as a system administrator.

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