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The self-hosted solution to your business problems, which is reliable and high-level and guarantees the maximum privacy.

Nextcloud is an open source, self-hosted file sharing and synchronization solution designed to be user friendly and highly secure. Thanks to cloud management, all files will always be easily accessible by all company staff, even in mobility, but with the security and privacy that only a private solution can guarantee because of the always included SSL certificate.

An advanced, secure and private file sharing system.


The Artera Managed Service

File sharing on the internet and archiving of corporate documents are issues that deserve the utmost attention: this is why the Nextcloud Managed Contract Hosting service combines the high-level functions of Nextcloud with the quality of our Hosting and Cloud services and that of our system and application support.

Provisioning our version

Our version of Nextcloud is already configured to the best to kick off your new project. Among our Hosting and Cloud plans you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Nextcloud Team Updater

With each release of a new version, our team will keep your Nextcloud application always updated and safe.

Assistance and support

Our technicians are available to answer your questions and find the best solution for every need in the field of document archiving.

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Features for Users

In addition to security and transparency, what will your experience on Nextcloud be featuring? Ease of use and access, search engine to locate the files you need and smart updates.

A modern and easy-to-use web interface, for both desktop clients and mobile apps. Real-time collaboration and instant access to all data from any device including via NFS, (S) FTP, WebDAV and more.

Open source, self-hosted with powerful on-server and end-to-end encryption. All files are stored within the corporate infrastructure and no third party will ever be able to access them without authorization from the administrator or authorized users.

Nextcloud includes a powerful full-text search engine capable of using Elasticsearch as a back-end. Its flexible plugin-based interface enables search functions beyond files and supports other back-end solutions such as Apache Solr.

Nextcloud includes real-time notifications of shares and comments on mobile devices, collaborative editing, transparent transition to chat and audio / video calls and a wide variety of other productivity tools for managing mail, appointments and tasks.

Nextcloud can encrypt data at rest for both local and remote storage, protecting data stored on networks outside the corporate infrastructure. Keys can be managed by an external key management server or stored locally on the server.

Nextcloud allows collaboration and sharing of files also with parties outside the company, always guaranteeing security and privacy even in cases where data are very critical such as, for example, in hospitals, banks, or government agencies.


Talk and Only Office: talking and writing in Nextcloud

In addition to the cloud file storage and sharing system, Nextcould includes a chat and video conferencing programme and an advanced and easy-to-use suite of Office products in the cloud.

Onlyoffice is the Office product suite compatible with the Nextcloud cloud file sharing system. It allows your company to edit text files, spreadsheets and presentations directly in the cloud in a private and secure way. Installed on your private server, it guarantees exclusive and controlled access to all your documents even during changes made by your team.

Office files managed and edited in the cloud for your company

Onlyoffice allows simultaneous remote and collaborative management of all files in the cloud

It is a complete solution of word processor, spreadsheet and presentation software

Integrated with all Nextcloud products and open to all third party integrations

Management and editing of Office files in the cloud for your company

Word Processor

The Onlyoffice word processor allows you to work in a simple and collaborative way on many different formats such as ODT, PDF and HTML in real time and full privacy.


With Onlyoffice's presentation management software you can create your presentation in the cloud in PPTX, ODP format or export it to PDF.


With the Onlyoffice spreadsheet you can use more than 400 formulas and create graphs with all the most useful functions for data processing.

Nextcloud Talk is the video conferencing software that will allow you to hold your corporate meetings and meetings with your customers online in complete safety and with the utmost of privacy. Unlike most software of this type, Nextcloud Talk resides on a private server, 100% dedicated to your company so that nobody will be able to access your communications.

All your corporate communications will be handled by your private server.

Video calls made with Nextcloud Talk are encrypted peer-to-peer

It is compatible with all browsers and has apps available for iOS and Android

Integrated with all Nextcloud products and with third party products

Online meeting and private web conference for your company


You will be able to manage every aspect of corporate communication remotely: chats, calls, both single and group video calls, creating groups, private or open, and inviting customers and partners into conversations with just a few clicks.

Presentations and webinars

During video calls, users will be able to share their screen and send files to each other easily and securely. Meetings can also be organized by inviting several people in advance, who will be notified shortly before the start of the meeting.

Maximum compatibility even in mobility

Developed to be compatible with all browsers and systems thanks to WebRTC technology. The APPs for iOS and Android will be at your disposal so that you can organize and participate in all meetings even in mobility.

Guaranteed Safety

Every communication, of any format, is end-to-end encrypted, meaning that no chat or call line can be intercepted or read in clear text over the network. All system logs monitoring communications are also securely saved on your private server.

Total Privacy

Nextcloud Talk resides on your private server to which no one outside your company can have access, thus ensuring exclusive and controlled access to all your documents even during changes made by your team. From communications, chats, videos and audios, to the reading of metadata by third parties.

Guaranteed Integration

Nextcloud Talk and Only Office are part of the Nextcloud package which includes an advanced, secure and private file sharing system as well as a complete suite of office products for companies, all managed in the cloud and guaranteed for maximum compatibility and security.


Are you the system manager?

Keep everything under control from a single location: through the use of APIs, the logs integrated by NextCloud and the tracking of activities, you just need one click to get a complete overview.

With Nextcloud system administrators can monitor their status and performances thanks to a graphical interface and an App-specific API endpoint. The software generates logs to keep track of all activities performed by users.

Nextcloud File monitors all activities performed by users. It saves all file changes, downloads, shares and changes to comments or tags in a log, providing administrators with notifications via email or RSS feeds and a complete overview accessible from the browser and via the client.

With Nextcloud, system administrators can control and direct the flow of data between users. The ability to create management rules based on tag, physical location, user group, file ownership and request type allows them to specifically deny access, conversion, deletion, or retention of data based on business or legal requirements.

Nextcloud comes with integrated account management with optional two-factor authentication, single sign-on support and integration with external user directories such as LDAP or IMAP, SMB, FTP and more. A name, a disk quota, e-mail and group membership can be set for each user who, if necessary, can be set as a system administrator.

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