Artera 360 degree assistance

One of the flagships of Artera is our assistance service: from the beginning of the collaboration we are at your disposal, intervening promptly and guiding you towards the result you want to obtain.

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Prime Support

Guaranteed assistance 24/7

Choose the arrangements for providing assistance that you prefer

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

and tailored support.

Our service is characterized by continuous client engagement, offering only the best assistance customized to individual needs.
All-Inclusive Support

Artera is with you every step of the way, from migration and setup services to ongoing management and security assistance.

Prime support

Want the assurance of receiving extra assistance at any time, any day? Choose the 24/7 Prime Support extension.


Differentiated assistance channels 

Each user is different, as are their needs: choose the ideal contact method for you and we will take action immediately.

Ticket Based assistance

Get in touch with Artera in the way you prefer. Our system is able to create customized tickets based on the type of user and consequently activate the right degree of support.


If you prefer to process your request verbally rather than in writing, our assistance will listen to you and create a dedicated ticket.

Reserved Ticket Area

You can independently manage all communications with our team and read messages directly from your personal area.

Email support

No need to create a ticket on the site: your email will be automatically transformed into a ticket and managed by our technicians.

Other modes

We have developed other support channels to meet the different needs of our customers.

Remote Assistance

Our technicians will be able to remotely connect to your computer or mobile devices, to help you in the most complex configurations and solve any problems directly and in total safety.

Knowledge Base

We have prepared and made available to all our customers a series of guides and tutorials to allow those who so wish to carry out all the operations and configurations autonomously.

Proactive 24/7 Support

We offer automatic intervention service to ensure maximum reliability and performance of your hosting without the need for the client to open a ticket. This service is always included in our offerings.

24/7 Monitoring

Thanks to a sophisticated monitoring system, we can proactively address any potential issue within 5 minutes.

Swift Resolution

In 99% of cases, partners do not need to open a support ticket.

Optimal Performance

This proactive approach ensures optimal performance, with the majority of tickets received being related to logistical matters rather than technical issues.

We Handle the Infrastructure

You can rely on a secure and reliable platform, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of your online infrastructure.


Not just a single expert, but a winning team to tackle every challenge.

The Artera team has gathered the best collaborators in the IT field, providing comprehensive assistance.
Free DevOps Support

DevOps specialists are a source of pride for Artera, added to the team to ensure high-level service with broad-spectrum support.