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Artera is a Swiss brand combining the security of a targeted localization with high quality services.

These are the extras that make Artera a provider of excellence.

Customized Support

We offer our best advice and build a tailor-made offer. We combine our twenty years of experience in the sector with yours, which is essential for achieving the project objectives

Partnership possibility

Artera's partnership meets the needs both of those who want direct support for their customers and those looking for a white label provider. You will be able to choose the right employment relationship for each project, with maximum flexibility.

An ideal and accessible technology

The Artera Stack is a set of technologies created to provide the best possible quality, combined with extreme user friendliness. Constantly updated technologies without any cost increase for customers, so as to always offer a high quality service.

A green provider

The change for a better world must take place in every sector, especially the constantly expanding digital one. That is why we only use renewable energy sources to power all our data centres.

Unmatched privacy and security

Physical and digital security: your data is located on servers situated in Switzerland and you will be the only one allowed for consultation at any time. The certainty of the location of the data combined with compliance with the GDPR regulations is one of Artera's flagships.

Alternative to mass-hosting

We provide a dedicated high-quality, high-performance hosting service alternative to the mass-hosting offer, without requiring technical skills for the its installation, configuration and maintenance.

Priceless Quality

We make advanced hosting services accessible to all, based on the latest and generally more expensive technologies, supported by specialized technicians and developed by programmers.

Best secure

Our Cloud Hosting Managed services are provided through a complex network infrastructure consisting of multiple server farms interconnected on different internet backbones. In this way we can guarantee our partners the best level of security, availability and data protection.

Proactive assistance

A precise and timely customer care service, with a customizable and proactive support and assistance service: our technicians and diagnostic systems identify errors before the customer himself, intervening without the need to open a ticket.

Team high level

Expert systems engineers work as a team with specialist programmers for the definitive hardening of your application: knowing that each customer has very specific needs, we created a team capable of responding to each of them.

All this is what makes Artera's service unique.
A real vision of excellence and
technological progress.


How Artera was born


Founded in 2002 as an Internet Service Provider, Artera has twenty years of experience in the sector. It grew together with its team and integrated a specialized staff that allowed to obtain the main international certifications and become a partner of countless companies on the web. The team is guided by the same vision: to offer a service of the highest quality in the name of cutting-edge technology.

As a demonstration of the evident commitment and attention of our staff towards the professional services offered at the infrastructure level and the desire to grow in this direction, today Artera is part of the DHH SpA group, a company listed on the Milan stock exchange (AIM – ISIN: IT0005203622) and made up of several brands operating in the field of hosting providing in the Euro-Mediterranean area.
In 2017, Artera contributed to the creation of DHH (Dominion Hosting Holding). As a publicly traded group on Euronext Growth Milan, DHH stands out in the Cloud Computing sector, specializing in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe. Our decision to join DHH reflects the ambition to elevate our enterprise through technological innovations and cutting-edge cloud and Data Center services, leveraging over twenty years of industry experience. DHH is characterized by its unique structure, composed of eight independent entities that preserve their identity and operational model, consolidating as a leader in Cloud Hosting in Southern Europe. DHH’s strength lies in the combination of targeted strategies: from encouraging innovation and digital entrepreneurship, to supporting partners’ organic growth, expanding the group through strategic acquisitions, to increasing corporate value through mergers and acquisitions. Collaboration among DHH group companies is centered on mutual support in areas such as financing, technology, and business development, fostering a cooperative environment for shared success. Our affiliation with DHH was motivated by the desire to actively participate in this dynamic ecosystem, contributing to collective progress and offering excellent services in cloud hosting and data protection. Sustainability represents another pillar of our commitment to DHH, with a concrete dedication to reducing environmental impact through eco-friendly operational practices, such as minimizing paper waste, reducing CO2 emissions, and reusing equipment, in line with the values of responsibility and innovation that guide our group.

Artera specialists

Sergio Ravera | CEO

Raised in a family tradition of merchants, my entrepreneurial spirit drove me to launch my first e-commerce venture in 1998. My vision and dedication led, in 2002, to the founding of Artera, now a leading brand in premium managed cloud hosting services. As Chief Executive Officer, I lead DHH Switzerland SA, part of the international DHH S.p.A. group, listed on the Milan Stock Exchange with the reference code (AIM – ISIN: IT0005203622). It is under this brand that the Artera brand continues to grow and thrive. In addition to my commitment to the business world, I am an active researcher in the field of new technologies, always fascinated by cutting-edge innovations in the industry.

Massimiliano Torromeo | CTO

Passionate about computer science since I was a child, I started programming as a self-taught person from about the age of twelve. Over time, I have become a staunch supporter of free software and the open source movement.
This fondness for free software soon led me to approach the Linux world and in 2011 I became a member of the Arch Linux Trusted Users team. In Artera since 2007 I deal with all aspects related to our infrastructure, internal development of software and enterprise solutions, research and development and internal training of our programming and support departments.

Claudio Bizzotto | CCO

I started working in Artera in 2008 as a front end developer and as the company grew I found it natural to move from the strictly technical aspects to the commercial and organizational support, coordinating the developer and support team. After studying computer science and programming in high school, I graduated in physical engineering. Even now, although from a working point of view I have returned to my initial passion for information technology, I dedicate my free time to scientific reading.

Marco Leone | Server Farm Manager

The passion I have always had for the computer world led me to obtain a diploma in computer science. After various work experiences, I started working in Artera in 2022; here I am part of the technical support team and I take care of the activations of new domains and hosting and support on any problems relating to cPanel, mail service, domain management and DNS. In my spare time
I dedicate myself to my other passions, which are football, motorcycles and martial arts.

Paolo Dainotti | CXO

I manage the technical support team that solves the problems encountered on our hosting services or provides simple clarifications regarding their use and configuration, including cPanel, use of the e-mail service, FTP and SSH connection, domain management and DNS, file permissions management and so on.
I have extensive experience in the migration of sites and mail on our servers, and I can carry out this type of operations minimizing any disruptions that could normally occur during these activities.

Simone Botta | Partner Manager

I started working in Artera as a hardware and software IT technician for on-site & on-farm server/client management. Now, together with Paolo, I manage the customer technical support team as far as problems encountered on our hosting and cloud services are concerned.
I provide assistance on Windows servers, cPanel, mail servers, firewalls, VoIP, FTP and SSH connections, domain and DNS management, network and mail configurations on PCs, smartphones and other devices. From an early age, I have been passionate about computer technology. Our motto: Don’t panic! And carry a towel.

Riccardo Falsetti | Head of Support Team

The passion I have always had for the computer world led me to obtain a diploma in computer science. After various work experiences I started working in Artera in 2022; here I am part of the technical support team and I take care of the activations of new domains and hosting and support on any problems relating to cPanel, mail service, domain management and DNS. In my spare time I dedicate myself to my other passions, which are football, motorcycles and martial arts.


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