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An opportunity aimed at web companies, software houses, freelancers, and agencies involved in web operations and development.

Our mission is clear:
to be the trusted partner for your digital activities.

Partner Program Artera


We are a B2A (Business to Agency) excellence
and Switzerland's leading Internet Service Provider specializing in Premium Cloud Hosting services.

Collaborate with Artera as a freelancer or in White label mode. We give you the freedom to manage, project by project, the type of collaboration you prefer. A true tailor-made partnership.

At Artera, we firmly believe in the importance of establishing long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our partners. Our philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars:


Through strong collaboration, we work closely with web companies, software houses, freelancers, and agencies involved in web development to build successful synergies and achieve common goals. We believe that combining our skills and resources allows us to overcome increasingly complex challenges and offer our clients innovative and high-quality solutions. Our mission is to provide high-quality hosting solutions without creating conflicts with other industry players. Furthermore, we are committed to creating job opportunities for our partners. When we receive requests that require skills or services beyond our scope, we prefer to rely on professionals from our extensive network of collaborators. We select experts based on their skills, technologies, specializations, and geographical exposure. This way, we can directly connect them with potential clients, enabling highly effective synergies.


Transparency in operations is the foundation of every trusted relationship. At Artera, we believe in open sharing of information, resources, and action plans with our partners. This approach allows us to work with clarity and mutual understanding, ensuring efficient and successful collaboration. We offer a minimum 20% discount on all our services, without exclusions, starting from a list price based on constant market price analysis. This allows partners to maintain a competitive price towards their end customers while ensuring sustained margin over time (renewal after renewal). Every activity towards our partners is included in the service price, including free support. We provide pre-sales and post-sales consultancy, design, participation in tenders and bids, custom requirements, training, technical support, full-service migrations, hardening, testing, trials, debugging, troubleshooting, and support for end customer support, avoiding confusion and time loss.


Flexibility in service offerings is another crucial aspect of our Partner Program. We understand that each partner has different needs and goals, and that’s why we customize our solutions to fit each partner’s specific requirements. This approach enables us to build a strong and lasting partnership that benefits both parties.

We offer trial service activation, development environments, and temporary upgrades for study or emergencies, all free of charge.

We don't impose cancellation times, renewal time constraints, or minimum purchases.

Transfers from other internet service providers are completely free and managed by us, maintaining the same expiration dates as your old provider.

We provide facilitated payment methods, including deferred payment and immediate daily refunds in case of cancellations, upgrades, or downgrades.

We protect the credit of our partners even in the case of insolvent customers and offer the possibility to use it for service payments.

We invest in co-marketing activities, preferring this method over direct marketing.

We offer monthly or annual fees, with an additional 16% discount for annual payments.

We guarantee the evolution of technological products without changing prices, thus providing more resources at the same price.

Start collaborating with us.

Give you access to our best technologies and services

Service activation in testing and benchmarking phase

We offer you the opportunity to try our services during testing, comparing them with your current providers. This process will give you clarity on performance and functionalities for informed decisions about the future of your online business.

Free resolution of current issues with our experts Our team will resolve any issues you encounter for free. Their professional consultancy will guide you towards optimal solutions to optimize the use of our services.

Custom design of the ideal infrastructure

We will carefully design a tailor-made environment for your hosting or SaaS service needs, ensuring optimal performance and efficient resource management.

Get a transparent quote for migrating all your services to Artera
Transparent Offer for Migration to Artera with our experts We assess your needs and offer a clear quotation to move services to Artera, while maintaining the deadlines of previous providers.

Transfer with White Glove

We simplify management by migrating hosting, domains, and email from various providers to our reliable full-service.

Server Infrastructure Transformation

We enhance performance by transforming your infrastructures from on-premises or colocation to highly scalable services, supporting your business growth.

Get a transparent quote for migrating all your services to Artera
Migration process and transformation of your services simple and seamless

With our transparent and professional approach, we guarantee you a positive and reliable experience. We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and constant support to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your transition to Artera. By choosing to collaborate with us, you will gain a reliable partner for your digital success.


Our offer
to support your business

Discover the platforms to manage every need of your customers.
Cloud Hosting
Swiss Premium
Fully redundant and in HA, Artera cloud hosting ensures the best security and performances.

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Cloud Server
Swiss Premium
Immediate scalability, complete hardware redundancy and flexibility from systems support.

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Cloud Enterprise
Swiss Premium
A service ready for any challenge: dedicated system administrators, proactive support, and dedicated private cloud.

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Services guaranteed on all our plans.

Pro-Active 24/7 Support

Constant monitoring with fast resolution (99% of problems solved in 5 minutes), night and weekend operation to solve any problems promptly.

Direct and Specialized Support

Immediate communication with system experts via email, or phone, without intermediaries, for quick and competent responses.

Advanced Security and Reliability

High-quality cloud infrastructure, proprietary data centers, Tier 1 networks, continuous backups, anti-DDoS protection, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR and LPD.

Cutting-edge Technological Solutions

Premium services to allow businesses to focus on their core business, with reliable infrastructure adaptable to specific needs.

Service Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

Renewal rate of 93%, higher than average, thanks to service quality and positive reviews. Constant commitment to a unique and high-level experience for partners.

Trust-Based Partnership

An approach centered on customer satisfaction, maintaining high standards and becoming a reliable ally for satisfied partners.

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Let's get to know each other better

We want to understand what your business is, how and with which Artera products we can meet your needs. To work well together, it is essential to first get to know each other.


Few information to get to know you quickly

Let’s get to know each other better

Contract, black on white

There will be an official agreement between us to ensure clarity and transparency, offering security and protection to both parties involved.


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