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The best of today’s available technology, selected and optimised down to the tiniest detail thanks to our systems engineers and developers’ experience.

At the base of all our Hosting Managed Premium products, Cloud DDC Managed Premium and managed solutions there is always Stack Artera, our recipe perfected over the years to guarantee maximum performance and safety, and our full managed assistance service to respond to all your requests.

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Artera Stack

Artera Stack has been designed with user-friendliness as its primary objective. Our infrastructure for shared hosting and all the Cloud Servers purchased by our customers use it to offer their own shared hosting service.

We use the CloudLinux operating system based on CentOS, chosen because it has the best available features and its sophisticated isolation system for various customers hosted on the same server. The amount of resources available for each customer is also guaranteed: compared to our competitors, we do not overbook and we are committed to keeping services stable by limiting any malfunctions of customers who share hosting. The operating system is automatically updated by Kernel Care which allows us to apply the critical patches without having to restart the server.

Our servers are protected by CSF firewalls and by a mod_security module with Comodo rule sets that are regularly and automatically updated. In this way, your site is protected even from DDoS attacks. Artera Stack uses WHM with cPanel as a control panel, one of the most famous in the field of hosting services. However, we have implemented a series of additional features that allow the customer to directly manage sites, domains, emails, databases and all the configurations of the services, also thanks to the always enabled SSH access.

Stack Artera uses Apache as a fully integrated web server in WHM/cPanel allowing customers a very simple management through a web control panel. Customers can simply install SSL certificates for their website and email; use free Let’s Encrypt certificates and manage the web application firewall independently.

With regard to the email service, we use Exim integrated with other systems to prevent spam (Spamhaus blacklist) and to effectively detect viruses and malware. Any of our mail services always uses a secondary MX which guarantees the reception of emails even in the event of problems or maintenance sessions.

We have GIT version control available to developers and it is always possible to use the shell via SSH. We run a Percona server that replaces MySQL and is famous for its high-performance and reliability. The server can also be used in high availability or cache (Redis) configurations in the Stack Artera Performance.

Artera Stack

Operating system

Cloud Linux

Live Kernel Patch


Control Panel

WHM / cPanel


WHM / Artera

Web app firewall


WAF Ruleset




DDoS Protection


SSH Access


Developer tools


Web Server


WAF Ruleset



MySQL (Percona)



SSL Certificates


Server and Storage Hardware


Our entire infrastructure is based on a single hardware standard that we used to create our cloud platform. We do not have any “bare metal”; machines but only latest generation Cisco blade servers. Every single element is redundant. Storage is entrusted to powerful IBM “full flash” devices that rigorously manage groups of enterprise-class SSD hard disks. Each component is then connected to fast, reliable and redundant Cisco fibre switches. Network switches are provided by Hewlett-Packard and run VLAN-managed connections for maximum security. The routing is entrusted to Juniper Networks hardware, the historical leader of networking.

We want to provide you with the hardware that has the highest technological level available on the market.

Network & Datacenters

Every single node of our network has common elements: redundant hardware network, duplicate routers reachable from two different ways and 10 Gbps connection.
Our connectivity provider is Cogent Communications, one of the most important global Tier 1 networks, which offers among other things a completely redundant service.
We are connected to three of the largest neutral European exchange points: MIX, NAMEX and AMS-IX. The main datacentres of each geographic area have a second connection to GTT to be completely independent even in the event of catastrophic events.

We are one of the few cloud providers that can guarantee the position of data with certainty geographic while keeping everything redundant.

Developed by Artera

Asset 6

WordPress AutoUpdater

Artera WordPress AutoUpdater è lo strumento che ti permetterà di mantenere sempre aggiornato e sicuro il tuo sito WordPress senza alcun intervento, in modo completamente autonomo.
Asset 6

Traffic upgrade

Automatic web traffic upgrade is the feature, active on all our premium managed hosting packages, that will allow you to manage peak usage periods of your site.
Asset 6

MySQL Slow Query

MySQL Slow Query is the cPanel module, developed by Artera technicians, that will allow you to analyze and improve the performance of your site.

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