Technology resulting
from experience

Our technological sector is what allows us to guarantee the best service for each of your projects and has been created on the basis of years of experience and continuous updates.

A technology to keep up with the times and the needs of our and your customers.

A technology that keeps pace with the times and meets the needs of both our and your clients. Security and prevention against all types of data threats are top priorities in our data centers.
Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for Data Centers

Our data centers, owned and operated directly by us, host equipment for Cloud Computing, Housing, and Colocation services. The SLA is not just a commitment but a concrete guarantee of the quality and security of our services.

Security and Prevention

We ensure continuous surveillance (365 days a year, 24 hours a day) through our staff and remote monitoring tools. Our facilities have advanced video surveillance systems, motion detection, and alarms in critical areas.

Surveillance and Access

The security of your data is our priority. We ensure constant surveillance of our spaces, accessible only through advanced security systems that include biometric technologies and an accurate access recording and control tools, to ensure maximum protection and identity verification of those accessing.


We have an infrastructure network with complete redundancy and separate wired paths, with redundant emergency power to ensure security and operational continuity. Our strategically located data centers, protected by advanced systems, minimize the risks of incidents, ensuring maximum protection of services.


Artera STACK: customised technology

The technology and specifications required to ensure an ideal service change over time, which is why we accept the challenge by continuously updating ourselves. This applies both in terms of the technology underlying our services and in terms of expanding resources, all without any increase in costs for the customer.
Open Source Philosophy
Artera, applying the vision of CTO Massimiliano Torromeo, prefers open source software for its solutions, i.e. programs characterized by the absence of copyright restrictions, as well as by their development and distribution model. This choice allows our customers to customize the software code according to their needs without restrictions given by suppliers, with greater transparency and flexibility of use. The open source community allows for greater technological innovation and attracts more and more professionals with extraordinary technical skills.

Server and Storage Hardware

The hardware we put at your disposal is of the highest technological level available on the market.

The latest generation of Cisco Blade Servers guarantee the best reliability thanks to complete redundancy in the absence of "bare metal" machines.


Immediate transfer of data and information thanks to the powerful IBM “full flash” devices that manage the storage, made up of strictly enterprise-class SSD hard drive batteries.

Hewlett Packard

Network switches are instead provided by Hewlett-Packard and operate connections managed in vLan for maximum security.

Juniper Networks

Routing, on the other hand, is entrusted to Juniper Networks hardware, a historic leader in networking.

Network & Datacenter

Do you want to know where your data is physically? We are one of the few cloud providers that can guarantee the geographical position with certainty while keeping everything redundant. Our connectivity provider is Cogent Communications, one of the largest global Tier 1 networks.

Redundant hardware network

Duplicate routers

10 Gbps connection

The guarantee of staying in Switzerland

Our Data Centres are located exclusively in Switzerland and you will be the only one who can access your information, always knowing where it is. Thus we can not only guarantee the best security in terms of privacy, but also the best reliability based on tested and state-of-the-art hardware.

GDPR Compliance

Artera operates in perfect accordance with the regulations imposed by the GDPR, as Switzerland is one of the few states recognized by the authority for its high level of protection.

Our network connections map

Interconnected with the best suppliers in the world.


Certified quality and security

Artera has been recognized through numerous certifications for the quality of its services, from CISPE (data protection) to others related to privacy, security, and functionality.
A green provider

To protect the world we live in, change must take place in every sector. This is why our data centres are powered only by renewable energy sources.

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