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Swiss Premium

Reach your resources anytime and anywhere thanks to the complete redundancy of the hardware (processor, RAM and bandwidth) and the immediate scalability guaranteed by the Artera Cloud.


Our Cloud Server offer

Cloud Servers with dynamic resources enable immediate vertical scalability, n+1 redundancy, and guaranteed 100% uptime.
FDC - Cloud Server Premium
with fixed resources
stability and reliability excellent Quality-Price ratio balance between Dedicated and Cloud
DDC - Cloud Server Premium
with dynamic resources
immediate vertical scalability 100% uptime with n+1 redundancy advanced features for optimized performance

Our hosting facilities, strategically located in Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bulgaria, offer geographic versatility to best meet your needs.

To ensure maximum data protection, we have backup sites in various locations, including Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bulgaria, for tailored and reliable data security.

Our cloud infrastructure, characterized by high availability and full redundancy, exclusively offers elite solutions, ensuring unprecedented reliability.

We operate interconnected data centers of our own, secured by the most stable and fastest Tier 1 networks, to provide unparalleled connectivity.

We implement advanced DDoS protection as a standard, raising the security level for all our clients.

Our operations are validated by the most stringent quality and security certifications, including PCI standards and GDPR and LPD regulations, to ensure privacy and data protection.

As a sustainability-oriented provider, Artera adopts eco-friendly practices, confirming our commitment to the environment.

Our philosophy places trust and partner satisfaction at the forefront, committing to maintaining the highest standards and building long-term relationships based on mutual success.

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Exclusive Partner Program

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as a partner for your business.

Artera collaborates with web companies, software houses, freelancers, and web development agencies, building synergies to achieve common goals, offering hosting solutions without conflicts of interest, and creating job opportunities for partners.

Services guaranteed on all our plans.
Total transparency in operations
Flexibility in offers
Support and mutual Growth
Continuous Product Updates

Choose from one of the Artera Stacks.

Each Cloud server plan can have a specific Stack among these six.


Choose the operating system you prefer, Linux or Windows, for an efficient hosting environment. This stack includes essential monitoring of vital parameters and daily security backups, ensuring peace of mind and stable performance for your applications.


With NGINX, Percona, Redis, and the Cockpit panel, this stack offers high performance and simplified management. It includes advanced probes for proactive monitoring and customized backup management, ensuring maximum security and responsiveness.

WHM / CPanel

Perfect for reseller hosting, it combines Cloud Linux WHM / cPanel for advanced management. It includes specialist support and all the advanced features of Artera’s cloud hosting, making it ideal for those seeking a comprehensive and reliable solution.


This stack provides an intuitive control panel with Plesk, optimized for managing websites, applications, and mail servers. It offers advanced tools and specialist support, ideal for professionals and agencies seeking efficiency.

Atlas Mail Archive

Activate a private email storage server with a powerful search engine. Atlas Mail Archive is perfect for easily archiving and retrieving all company emails, ensuring security and regulatory compliance in communication flows.


Based on Proxmox, this stack offers autonomous management of a Virtual Private Cloud. Perfect for those seeking control and flexibility, it ensures detailed management of virtualized environments, supporting technological development with scalability and security.


The best website is secure, fast, and always online.

All of this can only be achieved with dedicated features.
Permanent Anti-DDoS Protection

External threats, such as attacks aimed at depleting your site's resources, will be met with our continuous protection guaranteed by CSF Firewalls.

Privacy Management with Ongoing Consultancy

We integrate consultants into the team who constantly work to safeguard privacy, ensuring that all services comply with GDPR and LDP regulations.

Monitoring with Proactive Support

Our 24/7 Control Room allows for early detection and prevention of any infrastructure anomalies, ensuring service continuity.


All Inclusive assistance

We will take care of everything, acting in advance on possible problems.

Because it is important to start on the right foot.

  • – Website migration
  • – Initial email migration
  • – Test environment setup
  • – CMS pre-installation

Security and customization of your website

  • – PHP version change
  • – Backup restoration
  • – .htaccess configuration
  • – Bot blocking
Do it for me

Leave the management side to us.

  • – Email box management
  • – Email clients configuration
  • – DNS zone management
  • – FTP user management
Application level

Speed, security, and features:
all covered

  • – Slow site check
  • – “Hacked” site check
  • – HTTPS activation
  • – 301 redirect management
Proactive 24/7 Support
Thanks to a sophisticated monitoring system, we can proactively address any potential issue within 5 minutes.
In 99% of cases, there is no need for the partner to open a support ticket.
You can still receive direct support from system administrators via chat, email, or phone.
Our expert system administrators work tirelessly 24/7, 365 days a year.

Are you a developer?

If you want to get hands-on with the technical side of Artera's Managed Cloud Server, we're happy to guide you through it.

Our technical staff is available to set up your project’s testing environment, free of charge and with no limits.

Pre-installation of version control software allows for file updates while maintaining previous versions.

SSH access is included and free. Artera provides various authentication methods, including password-based and key-based authentication.


Complete your project with powerful add-ons.

Prime Support (VIP)

Don’t leave yourself uncovered: with Prime Support, you can request assistance from our technicians at any time of the day and year. There are no holidays for technical issues, don’t face them alone.

Storage & backup

The most advanced security and performance thanks to a highly scalable and flexible backup system, including incremental backup, data deduplication, and encryption, to adapt to every type of business and need.

Appliance VPN

A security system that allows for secure connections between your private and mobile networks and our cloud infrastructure, along with a firewall service whose rules are customizable by the user.

IP Failover

This tool allows you to move an IP address from one server to another in seconds, with the possibility of creating geographic clustering, using the service in anycast mode between the two data centers.

Load Balancer

High traffic peaks can challenge a portal, which is why we offer Load Balancer: this tool efficiently manages and optimizes these cases by distributing requests across multiple servers and data centers.

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