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Your project consists of several steps, from domain registration to SSL certificate. With Artera you can get everything under a single supplier and have every element under control.

Do not settle for the best hosting or cloud: make your life easier with all the additional features available in the Artera catalogue. Dozens of solutions at your disposal ensure ease of management and use of resources.

Advanced yet user-friendly features


Artera products

Artera products are dedicated both to the early stages of your project, from domain registration to the various necessary Add-ons, and to advanced assistance in the subsequent stages, thanks to Prime Support.

Internet domain registration

The domain is the business card for your portal and that is why you can choose between 200 generic and international extensions. The private registration service and the autonomous management of DNS zones ensure maximum reliability and accessibility of the site.

Internet domain management add-on.

Whether you have only one portal or need to manage 100 of them, let Artera take care of the domain: delegate every aspect of registration to us, as regards the technical, legal and administrative side. A continuous assistance at no additional cost.

SSL certificates (Secure Sockets Layer)

We guarantee the SSL digital certification which authenticates the identity of a website. As electronic “passports”, they establish the credentials of an online entity during commercial activities, allowing you to establish a secure connection for sending user’s personal information.

WHM Solutions

Discover the ease of use thanks to our solutions dedicated to WHM/cPanel: you can activate your shared hosting server and take advantage of the Artera customization having a unique cPanel compared to any other provider.

Prime Support (VIP)
with telephone support 365 days / h24

Not to be vulnerable: with Prime Support you can request the assistance of our technicians at any time of the day and year. There are no public holidays for technical problems and you should not deal with them alone.

Premium APP package
Monitoring update, specialized support & special features

We provide the opportunity to access customized services, such as the ability to monitor certain web pages, request specific forms of support (such as a recurring backup restore test) or extend existing functions (such as switch from 500 emails per hour to 1000).


Do you want to be able to open mailboxes where it would not traditionally be expected? Or register a domain and have boxes without the constraint of a site? Do you want to add an email service to your cloud Server? With Artera all that is possible.

Storage backup

There are countless types of files that can be backed up regularly: office servers, shared documents, personal files and much more. With Artera you will have the same storage security already present on our Hosting and Cloud products.

You can find all Artera products in the Reserved Area, accessible after registration.


Manage your portal with the best platform for your needs, opting for the technology you prefer. Our service will be built around your choice thanks to the different skills of our team.


Nextcloud is an open source and self-hosted file sharing and synchronization solution designed to combine user-friendliness and data protection. A private alternative to services such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Microsoft Drive, it ensures the highest quality with the protection of personal data.


Enjoy compatibility with any WSGI application, the standard for developing Python web applications. Compatible with Django CMS and with all the most popular Python CMS, it can be activated with a click and in coexistence with a PHP hosting.


Each WordPress project transferred to our servers is verified, and we personally take care of new installations, using our optimized WP version including all the most useful plugins, with lifetime support.


Joomla! is a free, popular and open source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. Thanks to its global community of developers and volunteers, it has received many awards.


Drupal is a digital experience management system to drive web content and multi-channel personalized experiences helping your organization connect users, customers and visitors wherever they are.


Based on an enterprise open source CMS and supported by a lively professional community and commercial ecosystem, it offers scalable and multilingual multi-site installations for global campaigns and organizations.


Magento is one of the most used platforms for open source e-commerce sites in the world thanks to total compatibility and highest performances. Our servers are the ideal place to host your Magento eCommerce.

We support Magento 1 on all our premium managed hosting plans and Magento 2 starting from managed cloud servers, which are activated with our Artera Stack with NGINX.


Turn your WordPress site into an online store thanks to the well-known WooCommerce plugin: Artera will help you maintain high performances while customizing the store with all its accessory features. From marketplaces to retail trade, from quote sites to customized products.


From the simple and intuitive user interface and the modular system (to implement a feature just install the relevant module), PrestaShop is one of the CMS for e-commerce most popular and used by professionals.


Sylius is the Headless Open Source E-Commerce platform for brands and companies operating in the medium-high range markets and needing customized solutions. It allows you to rapidly evolve your digital ecosystem and beat your competitors offering your customers the experience they deserve.

Ruby on Rail

Rails is a full-stack framework. It comes with all the tools you need to build great web apps on both the front and back end.

Php / MySQL

PHP is a fast and feature rich open source scripting language used to develop web applications or Internet / Intranet applications. MySQL is a powerful open source database server built on the basis of a relational database management system (RDBMS), capable of handling a large concurrent database connection.

All Artera Applications are compatible with our services thus giving you maximum freedom of choice.

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