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We will ensure you full availability and assistance to exploit the potential of Python code for your hosting.

All our Hosting Premium plans can be configured as Python Hosting in a very simple way, with just a few clicks. Python is a language increasingly used and appreciated by the developer community thanks to the high readability and maintainability of the code, as well as the widespread use of libraries, frameworks and tools, most of which are completely open source, making it useful in a wide range of applications.

Our Hosting plans are compatible with all the most popular Python CMSs


CMS Python

Artera Python hosting is fully compatible with any WSGI application, the standard for developing Python web applications. In particular it is compatible with all the most used Python CMSs available.

Django CMS

Based on the Python framework having the same name, it offers several advantages over various PHP "competitors" such as, for example, a high degree of security. Extensibility through custom developments and ease of updating ensure high longevity for the applications developed with this CMS.

Mezzanine, Web2py, WagTail and Plone

They are other Python CMSs which are widely used and are 100% compatible with our hosting. Perfectly in line with Python, also these CMSs are characterized by the possibility of customization and flexibility.


Are you a developer?

In Artera you will find full freedom and support in your programming and development activities, from the staging environment to the possibility of modifying PHP versions.

Our technical staff is available for configuring the test environment of your project, free of charge and without limits.

SSH Access is included and free. Artera provides several types of authentication, including password-based and key-based authentication.

MySQL Slow Query is the cPanel module, developed by Artera technicians, which will allow you to analyze and improve the performance of your site.

Pre-installation of the version control software, allowing you to update a file while keeping the previous versions as well.

You can choose or change the PHP version, starting from the most recent one, with a click from the control panel.

The new version of the faster and more performing HTTP protocol is available on all Artera hosting plans by default.


Are you a web agency
or a freelancerdeveloper?

From the creation of sites for our customers to white label supply services: Artera's partnership is unique and meets everyone's needs.


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