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Discover Artera: leader in B2A (Business to Agency) solutions specifically for agencies. Innovation and reliability in a single trusted partner for all your digital needs.


A premium offer
built according to your needs

We know that every project is different, so we work to build the right platform that allows it to take flight.
Cloud Hosting
Swiss Premium
Fully redundant and in HA, Artera cloud hosting ensures the best security and performances.

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Cloud Server
Swiss Premium
Immediate scalability, complete hardware redundancy and flexibility from systems support.

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Cloud Enterprise
Swiss Premium
A service ready for any challenge: dedicated system administrators, proactive support, and dedicated private cloud.

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Services guaranteed on all our plans.

Pro-Active 24/7 Support

Constant monitoring with fast resolution (99% of problems solved in 5 minutes), night and weekend operation to solve any problems promptly.

Direct and Specialized Support

Immediate communication with system experts via email, or phone, without intermediaries, for quick and competent responses.

Advanced Security and Reliability

High-quality cloud infrastructure, proprietary data centers, Tier 1 networks, continuous backups, anti-DDoS protection, and compliance with regulations such as GDPR and LPD.

Cutting-edge Technological Solutions

Premium services to allow businesses to focus on their core business, with reliable infrastructure adaptable to specific needs.

Service Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

Renewal rate of 93%, higher than average, thanks to service quality and positive reviews. Constant commitment to a unique and high-level experience for partners.

Trust-Based Partnership

An approach centered on customer satisfaction, maintaining high standards and becoming a reliable ally for satisfied partners.

Exclusive Partner Program

Rely on us
as a partner for your business.

Artera collaborates with web companies, software houses, freelancers, and web development agencies, building synergies to achieve common goals, offering hosting solutions without conflicts of interest, and creating job opportunities for partners.

Services guaranteed on all our plans.
Total transparency in operations
Flexibility in offers
Support and mutual Growth
Continuous Product Updates

Quality, security and privacy:
discover the Swiss!

Customized Support

We offer the best advice based on years of experience and customize it according to the characteristics of your project.

Partnership possibility

Artera's partnership meets the needs of both those who want direct support for their customers and those looking for a white label provider.

An ideal and accessible technology

The Artera Stack is a set of technologies created to provide the best possible quality, combined with ease of use for the user.

A green provider

The change takes place in cloud hosting and beyond: we only use renewable energy sources to power all our data centres.

Unmatched privacy and security

Physical and digital security: your data is located on servers situated in Switzerland and you will be the only one to be able to consult it at any time.


A technology built to meet
your needs

The Artera Stack is the answer to a continuous research in every IT field. Thanks to years of experience and continuous updates, we can guarantee the best service for each of your projects.

Complete and first-line
assistance, 24h/7

Problems do not follow office hours and neither do we.
At the Customer’s side

From the prevention and correction of technical problems to insolvent customers: we are always by your side at every stage of your project.

Automated prevention

No more offline sites: our diagnostic systems allow us to anticipate, intervening independently and without waiting for the customer's ticket.


Do you need extra assistance,
guaranteed 24/7 ?

Prime Support | Telephone support
all year round, around the clock

Do your customers contact you around the clock? We will let you do the same with us: Prime Support allows you to contact us at any time to solve any type of problem that may arise.

Extra telephone support 24 hours a day
Security management
Analysis and support of application problems
Extra telephone support 24 hours a day
Security management
Analysis and support of application problems

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