Hosting Cloud Managed

Choose your hosting in Switzerland

The three pillars of an online presence are security, reliability and privacy. Choosing your hosting in Switzerland means ensuring both sensitive data protection and your website’s proper functioning.

Forget about your site and save time to focus on your business. We will always make sure it works, we will make it amazingly fast and safe as per Swiss tradition. Our DevOps engineers will solve any kind of problem.

Swiss Premium Dedicated Cloud Hosting Managed

Artera shared hosting service is provided in “Managed mode”: in addition to being premium level in terms of technology and performance, it also always includes advanced support from our technicians and systems engineers. Dedicated IP addresses with guaranteed resources on high availability cloud hosts. Premium shared cloud hosting – density + performance.

SSD Storage:
50 GB

Monthly traffic:
1000 GB

IP Address:

Artera Stack

Our hosting is designed with user-friendliness as a primary objective.

Hosting cPanel

The most complete, widespread and simple to use management panel for Linux platform.

Full Scalability

Scalability is always guaranteed and thanks to the automatic traffic upgrade you can easily manage request peaks.

Artera Managed Service

You will never worry about your hosting again. We will take care of everything. From transferring to our servers and going forward.

All our services are Managed and Premium

Redundant Cloud Services in HA
Support always included
Artera technological Stack
Scalability with no downtime
Application level support
Services for firms

Swiss Premium Dedicated Cloud Server Managed

Artera’s solutions for Cloud servers guarantee highly reliable services. Thanks to the complete redundancy of the hardware (processor, RAM and bandwidth) the resources availability is always ensured. Our systems engineers will take care of keeping your machine up-to-date and safe and will be at your disposal for any request for support or advice.

CPU: 8

RAM: 16 GB

SSD Storage:
320 GB

Monthly traffic:
1000 GB

Artera Stack

The configuration of every aspect of our clouds has been assessed in detail by our systems engineers.

Artera Managed Service

Software and system updates, monitoring, support: we take care of everything.

Full Scalability

Changing the structure of a server, adding Core or RAM and expanding storage, it all can be done with no downtime.

Backup: disaster recovery, single file and server log

You can choose between three different ways of managing backups to Always include these three different ways of managing backups.

Cockpit Panel

Complete management of your dedicated cloud with Sysadmin powers and tools.

We work for developers, freelance and web agency

Personalized discount
Freelance Commissions
White Label Services
Personalized Invoicing
Custom Support
Sales consulting

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