Cloud Enterprise
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Artera Enterprise offers personalized Cloud Infrastructure solutions As a Service, ensuring high performance and total reliability.


Our Cloud Enterprise Offer

Access an infrastructure as a service solution that focuses on your needs, turning technological challenges into strategic opportunities.
Host Server
Cloud Enterprise

The power of a dedicated server with the reliability of the cloud.
Allows sharing storage among multiple nodes for highly reliable and high-performance virtualized infrastructures.

Virtual Private Cloud
Cloud Enterprise

You have a virtual data center with VMware.
Ideal for managing enterprise workloads and as an extension of your on-premise data center.

Cloud Server GPU
Cloud Enterprise

For machine learning and AI projects, optimized for big data and computer vision.
Using NVIDIA A100, RTXA6000, RTX6000, A30, and L4 cards, we offer superior performance, accelerating processes, and reducing costs.


Our hosting facilities, strategically located in Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bulgaria, offer geographic versatility to best meet your needs.

To ensure maximum data protection, we have backup sites in various locations, including Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, and Bulgaria, for tailored and reliable data security.

Our cloud infrastructure, characterized by high availability and full redundancy, exclusively offers elite solutions, ensuring unprecedented reliability.

We operate interconnected data centers of our own, secured by the most stable and fastest Tier 1 networks, to provide unparalleled connectivity.

We implement advanced DDoS protection as a standard, raising the security level for all our clients.

Our operations are validated by the most stringent quality and security certifications, including PCI standards and GDPR and LPD regulations, to ensure privacy and data protection.

As a sustainability-oriented provider, Artera adopts eco-friendly practices, confirming our commitment to the environment.

Our philosophy places trust and partner satisfaction at the forefront, committing to maintaining the highest standards and building long-term relationships based on mutual success.

Exclusive Partner Program

Rely on us
as a partner for your business.

Artera collaborates with web companies, software houses, freelancers, and web development agencies, building synergies to achieve common goals, offering hosting solutions without conflicts of interest, and creating job opportunities for partners.

Services guaranteed on all our plans.
Total transparency in operations
Flexibility in offers
Support and mutual Growth
Continuous Product Updates

Your portal is our priority

We guarantee the resources you need for a consistently active and high-performing website.
Guaranteed Uptime

We ensure an uptime of 99.90%, fully reimbursing the monthly fee otherwise.

Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 Network

We provide you with a dedicated virtualized environment, with no possibility of overbooking.

Monitoring with Proactive Support

Full control of your connectivity and data transmission with IPv4, and maximum scalability thanks to the availability of IPv6 network IP addresses.

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