.SWISS Domain Registration

We take care of all the registration procedures

Activate a .SWISS domain means demonstrating unequivocally your company’s origin and presence on Swiss territory and the sharing of all the values and ideals that this entails.

The ability to register a .SWISS domain is subject to strict evaluation criteria and the related activation procedure is different and far more complex than those of all the other domain names. Consequently, the assignment of the domain name is not automatic or to be taken for granted.

Artera will allow you to register a .SWISS domain guiding you, at no additional cost, throughout the registration and activation process of the name.

Compliance procedure

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Who can register a .SWISS domain?

  1. Companies effectively registered in the commercial register
  2. Swiss public offices
  3. Swiss associations and foundations
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Certified link

The requested domain name must have an explicit link with the applicant, e.g. the name of the company, brand, slogan, or the name of products and services, etc.

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Generic dominations

Generic denominations can be assigned, through a particular attribution process, only to organizations representing the community in question

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Publication for 20 days

Applications that meet the requirements are published for 20 days. During this period other applicants may submit competing applications.

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