Swiss Premium Dedicated Cloud Server Managed

Fully managed state-of-the-art cloud services, scalable in HA

The Swiss Premium Dedicated Cloud Server Managed service is provided in Managed mode. This means that, in addition to being a premium level service in terms of technology and performance, completely redundant and in HA, it also always includes the support of our technicians for all operations. We take care of everything

: Artera’s solutions for Cloud servers guarantee highly reliable services. Thanks to the complete redundancy of the hardware (processor, RAM and bandwidth) the resources reachability is always ensured. The flexibility of all Cloud Artera plans allows immediate scalability to improve performance and respond to ever-increasing requests.


16 GB
SSD Storage:
320 GB
Monthly traffic:
1000 Gb
IP Address:


Artera Stack

Our hosting has been designed with ease of use as a primary objective. In addition to the Cloud infrastructure that guarantees the solidity of the service, we have integrated various software technologies that make our service unique

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Full Scalability

You can always upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time. The operation is completely automatic and does not involve any service downtime. You can request this activity from one of our operators or proceed with a few clicks directly from your reserved area.

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Choose your Server Farm

Once the traffic threshold for your package has been reached, you can choose to automatically activate an additional 1000 GB per month to prevent the service from blocking. The additional traffic is FREE on the first month, and only the threshold exceeding traffic in the following months is paid.

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GDPR Compliance

All Artera hosts comply with the appropriate CISPE standards for the protection of data under the European privacy directive, managing them exclusively within the European economic area which includes Switzerland.

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Artera Stack

The quantity of resources available for each instance is guaranteed: compared to our competitors, we do not overbook and we are committed to keeping services stable by limiting any malfunctions. The operating system is automatically updated by Kernel Care which allows us to apply critical patches without having to restart the server.

Operative system


Live Kernel Patch


Control Panel




Web app firewall


WAF Ruleset


DDoS Protection


SSH Access


Developer Tools


Web Server

Apache / NGINX

Application Server



MySQL (Percona)

Key value store


SSL Certificate


Cache system


Full Managed Services

Supporto Tecnico e applicativo

Systems engineers and programmers work together to provide technical and application support, we answer your questions, looking for the solution to any problem that may occur – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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Artera managed service

Forget about your site, save time to focus on your business. We will always make sure it works, we will make it amazingly fast and safe as per Swiss tradition.

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Artera Business SLA

Technical support by ticket or by telephone always included in the service. With 99.995% service uptime and guaranteed response times.

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Transfer from another provider

Our technicians will take care of transferring your site, e-commerce or application by synchronising files and databases. We will also transfer your email to you.

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For developers

Staging environment

Our technical staff is available for the configuration of your project’s test environment, for free and with no limits.


Pre-installation of the version control software, allows you to update a file while also maintaining previous versions.

SSH Access

SSH access is included and free. Artera provides several types of authentication, including a password and key-based authentication.

Choose PHP version

You can choose or modify the version of PHP, starting from the most recent one, by clicking on the control panel.

Hosting Python

All our Premium Managed Hosting plans can be configured as Python Hosting in a very simple way, with just a few clicks.

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MySQL Slow Query

MySQL Slow Query is the cPanel module, developed by Artera technicians, which will allow you to analyse and improve your site’s performance.

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The new version of the faster and more performing HTTP protocol is available on all Artera hosting plans by default.

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