Talk: Nextcloud plugin

Online meeting and private web conference for your company

Nextcloud Talk is a videoconferencing software that will allow you to carry out your business meetings and meetings with your customers online in complete safety and with the maximum privacy.

Unlike most software of this type, Nextcloud Talk resides on a private server, 100% dedicated to your company. In other words, nobody will have access to your communications.

In addition to guaranteeing the maximum possible security and privacy, Nextcloud is complete with all the features that an advanced videoconferencing software can offer: video calls, also in groups, chat, screen sharing and much more, all of course even from the mobile App.


Corporate communications will be managed from your private server.



All video calls made with Nextcloud Talk are encrypted peer-to-peer


It is compatible with all available browsers and has Apps for iOS and Android


Usable to manage online presentations even open to the public


Integrated with all Nextcloud products and with third-party products

Private e Secure

Total Privacy

Total Privacy Nextcloud Talk resides on your private server which no one outside your company will have access to. In addition to guaranteeing the maximum privacy of all communications, chats, videos and audio, Nextcloud does not even allow the reading of metadata to third parties (important information relating to the communications made)

Guaranteed security

Guaranteed security. Every communication, of any format, is encrypted end-to-end. This means that no chat lines or calls can be intercepted or read on the network. All system logs that monitor communications are also saved securely on your private server.


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Communication Nextcloud Talk allows you to manage every aspect of corporate communication remotely: chats, calls, video calls both individually and in groups. You can create private or open groups, and invite customers and partners into conversations with a few clicks.

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Maximum compatibility even in mobility

Maximum compatibility even on the move Nextcloud Talk is developed to be compatible with all browsers and systems thanks to WebRTC technology. You will have the APPs for iOS and Android at your disposal so you can arrange and participate in every meeting even on the move.

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Presentations and webinars

During video calls, users can share the screen and send files easily and securely. You can also arrange meetings by inviting several people in advance who will be notified shortly before the start of the meeting.

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Integrated with Nextcloud

Nextcloud Talk is part of the Nextcloud package which includes an advanced, secure and private file sharing system as well as a complete suite of office products for companies. All managed in the cloud and guaranteed for maximum compatibility and security.


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