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Our Premium Managed Hosting plans
are configurable as Python Hosting

All our Managed Premium Hosting plans can be configured as Python Hosting in a very simple way, with a few clicks. Python is an increasingly used and appreciated language by the developer community thanks to the high readability and maintainability of the code, as well as for its massive diffusion of libraries, frameworks and tools, most of which are completely open-source making it useful in a wide range of applications. In the web environment, CMS developed in Python are widely used, such as Django 100% compatible with our Managed Hosting plans. To see the prices or features of our packages, receive a personalised offer or request support, you must be registered. Register now.

How to Activate Python Hosting.

Activating a Python Hosting application on Managed Hosting plans is very simple.

Just go to the “Software” section of your cPanel control panel, and click on “Setup Python App”. In this screen, you can activate one or more Python applications by choosing, for each of these, the version of Python you want and the modules to activate.

Everything can be managed directly from the graphical interface in a few clicks. Each application created in this way is completely independent from others and uses only the modules installed specifically, avoiding any type of incompatibility.

Activating a Python application does not affect PHP hosting, which will continue to function without any interference.

Python App

CMS Python

CMS Python. Artera’s Python hosting is fully compatible with any WSGI application, the standard for the development of Python web applications. In particular, it is compatible with all the most used Python CMS available such as Django CMS.

Django CMS is based on the homonymous Python framework, which offers several advantages over the various PHP “competitors” such as offering a high level of security. It can also be extended through custom developments, a feature that, together with its ease of updating, guarantees high longevity to the applications developed with this CMS.

Mezzanine, Web2py, WagTail and Plone are other widely used Python CMS and 100% compatible with our managed hosting.

django cms

For developers

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Staging environment

Our technical staff is available for the configuration of your project’s test environment, for free and with no limits.

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SSH Access

SSH access is included and free. Artera provides several types of authentication, including a password and key-based authentication.

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MySQL Slow Query

MySQL Slow Query è il modulo cPanel, sviluppato dai tecnici Artera, che ti permetterà di analizzare e migliorare le prestazioni del tuo sito.

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Pre-installation of the version control software, allows you to update a file while also maintaining previous versions.

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Choose PHP version

You can choose or modify the version of PHP, starting from the most recent one, by clicking on the control panel.

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The new version of the faster and more performing HTTP protocol is available on all Artera hosting plans by default.

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