Basic or Premium web hosting?

The web hosting market is constantly evolving. Artera responds with new product lines: basic and premium.

For several years now, Artera has abandoned the classic bare metal servers in favor of cloud technologies. This choice is at the basis of the evolution of our web cloud hosting service that adheres perfectly to all the needs of our customers.

Those who already had an online presence are looking for better services to better monetize; those who hadn’t yet brought their products, or services, online are now doing so with some urgency.

A huge number of people are still outside the digitization process; it will be the job of agencies and system integrators to facilitate the transition to online. And it is precisely to the latter that we offer ourselves as a competent and reliable partner.

The “why” of Artera has remained the same for 20 years. We knew that the internet would transform the world and we wanted to produce and sell the services necessary for this change. Today we have hundreds of clients who operate exclusively online and many of them in sectors considered “unsuitable” for the internet now see large slices of their turnover coming from the web channel.

Our business is to build the house of your site, adopting the best technologies, making scale investments, changing tools, suppliers, strategies to keep the quality of service high. We provide our partners with cutting-edge, always up-to-date services on which to build their clients’ online presence.

Here are our web cloud hosting product lines: basic and premium.

Both lines share some basic principles:

  1. Cloud platform with services provided in high availability.
  2. Unlimited bandwidth and fully redundant internet connection.
  3. Low client density per node and zero overselling of resources.
  4. Account isolation, backup, support and active security systems.
  5. Control panel and technologies: The Artera Stack.

Basic services are aimed at companies that have the in-house technical expertise to manage the various aspects of the web cloud hosting service. Basically Artera provides access data to the control panel and ssh. Technical support remains active only for second level systemic issues. There are different plans with different features useful for price and resource scalability. These are the most economical plans suitable for sale in white label mode.

The premium service is instead aimed at companies that don’t have or don’t want to have technical skills to manage the various aspects of the hosting service but want a web cloud hosting service with superior quality and performance. In this case we have a single plan with a set of dedicated resources such that you never have to request upgrades. It includes advanced technical support that also includes the application layer. It is a full service plan suitable for reseller sales.

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