Hosting in Switzerland: top reliability and privacy

Websites, blogs, e-commerce: today being present on the internet is essential for any successful business. Even more important is to effectively protect your data and that of your users.

Security, reliability and privacy are the three pillars of an online presence and choosing to have a hosting service in Switzerland means guaranteeing both the protection of your sensitive data and the correct functioning of your website. The Artera team offers a cutting-edge solution, in full respect of privacy and of the highest quality.


The advantages of choosing a hosting service in Switzerland

What differentiates a performing site from a slow one is the latency, better known as response time. This is a key point in the success of a site; the famous wheel that turns waiting for a page to load is one of the most irritating aspects in the eyes of users.

Choosing to use Artera’s hosting service on servers in Switzerland means having high-performance and innovative machines at your disposal, which guarantee a high response speed.

Owning a Swiss IP is the best choice for all Italian companies that are planning to open or that already have headquarters, branches or customers in Switzerland.

The shared hosting server, located outside the Italian borders, is subject to Swiss legislation: this means lower taxation, more controls, more reliability and a lower chance of data theft. It is an ideal solution for those who do not want to turn to Italian hosting services for personal or fiscal reasons.

Why choose a data centre in Switzerland

Switzerland has always been synonymous with neutrality and security, both economically and politically. State-of-the-art infrastructure, quality of services, reliability and discretion are the watchwords of Artera’s offer.

Every data centre based in Switzerland is redundant: i.e. you can activate hosting plans on a Swiss or Italian server farm, defining the geographical location of backup and disaster recovery.

Thanks to the coexistence of several machines working at the same time, the Artera hosting service is synonymous with high performance and the utmost satisfaction.

Furthermore, reliability and respect for privacy are guaranteed by the laws of Switzerland, which have always been notoriously discreet in the management of any type of data and content.Another decisive advantage of Artera compared to other foreign providers is the technical support service, offered entirely in Italian.

Technical assistance in Italy and Switzerland

Artera guarantees technical assistance via ticket 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, both for the hosting service in Switzerland and Italy. Our collaborators will assist you in Italian by answering all your doubts and explaining the steps to take to solve any problems.
We provide all our customers with the simple and intuitive cPanel control panel, which allows you to independently manage all your hosting’s functions.Artera’s services include automatic backups, fully manageable from the control panel, and the ability to have unlimited domains within the same hosting package.

Management of web services: Swiss quality in Italian

If you are looking for a reliable partner for the management of web services, able to exceed the highest quality standards and in full respect of your privacy, then our services are for you. If you want to secure all your sensitive data, Artera’s hosting service in Switzerland is the best solution.


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