How to protect sensitive data and reach 100% uptime for your website with Artera?

Website security is complex in an ever-changing landscape. It is never a set-it-and-forget-it process, rather it is a continuous process. If someone hacks a website, the website loses 98% traffic! Having an in-depth and dynamic security policy for a website is essential. Only a dynamic security policy can help you in embracing new technologies to enhance your security foundation.

Today businesses take the personal data of customers to give more personalised experiences. Such data are sensitive, and protecting the same is a prime responsibility.

Artera helps to provide website security to protect your sensitive data against any breach. We offer domain registration and hosting services with technical, legal, security, and privacy management. You get over 200 national and international extensions, private registration service, autonomous management of DNS zones, and redirects. We provide redundant management of DNS services by ensuring maximum reliability and availability.

At Artera, we provide:

Compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR is a regulation and data protection policy of the European Union. Its primary aim is to ensure individual control over personal data and also to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by integrating the regulations with Europe. This regulation sets new standards for consumer rights regarding data. According to the RSA Data Privacy & Security Report, 80% of consumers complained loss of banking and financial data is an utmost concern. Companies need to pay a heavy amount upon violating the GDPR compliance. At Artera, all security and privacy policies are GDPR compliant.

Encrypt all your login pages

Encryption encodes sensitive data like credit card numbers, social security numbers, or login credentials. With SSL encryption, you can transfer login credentials securely. When you host your websites with us, we provide encryption to protect all your sensitive data from potential threats. SSL offers security protocols to provide privacy, authentication, and integrity to all communications happening on the internet.

Choose a secure hosting

Your website security depends on choosing a secure web hosting provider. Make sure that your hosting provider knows all security threats and keeps a backup of your data on a remote server. Select a host who provides ongoing support 24*7 with redundant data and servers. When you host your website with us, we provide you with the Nextcloud for self or dedicated hosting. We balance the workload in all of our servers. It creates zero slowdown and high performance during peak hours. You can get immediate upgrades and management with no hassle.

Go for managed hosting service

Outsourcing your hosting services including maintenance and support is an intelligent choice. It saves your cost, time, and efforts that you can use in critical tasks. Artera provides managed hosting services with a secured infrastructure and dedicated team. Our dedicated hosting service on the cloud provides round-the-clock monitoring and support even in your local languages.

Opt for High Availability (HA) and redundancy

High availability ensures 100% uptime with an agreed level of operational performance. This feature allows you to host your website on a different remote server if it goes down or crashes or gets attacked. It hosts your website on the next available server in no time. Besides, going for redundancy is essential. Redundancy creates redundant or duplicate copies of data. You can lose no data with redundancy, and every cloud is redundant in Artera.

Protect your data with Artera

When you choose Artera for website hosting and managing services, you get all the benefits of swiss hosting. We offer you a dedicated team of experts who take care of your hosting, managing, protecting, and maintaining every second in 365 days. By hosting your website in a developed and politically neutral country, you build the path for efficient and smooth running with no downtime. Scale your business with automatic backups, unlimited domains, self-hosting, and fully managed services.