Streamline your Workload with Cloud Managed Services


the cloud is the best solution you can go for. But what about the cloud costing and expertise?

Many businesses are not ready for cloud services, cost, and technical expertise. Hence outsourcing cloud managed service is an apt solution.

With cloud managed solutions:

  • You can sit with us and discuss your current and future needs.
  • Get the perfect solution with a ready-to-scale platform.
  • Get high availability, redundancy monitoring, and support.
  • Harness the power of the cloud with little expertise without worrying about the cost, migration, and configuration.
  • Get support 24*7 for any issue with security and compliance.

Get cloud hosting managed with Artera.

We at Artera provide cloud hosting and managed services with high performance, and you don’t need any technical skills to get these services. We host your websites in the cloud with managed services. If you want to outsource these services, we are here.

Benefits of getting cloud managed services with us are:

  • Get dedicated resources: you can get dedicated resources who take care of your migration, configuration, hosting, and monitoring. It saves you a lot of revenues and time.
  • Get full support with technology stack: you get full technical support with our technology stack that comprises CloudLinux, CentOS, KernelCare, etc.
  • Implementation Team: we take care of the implementation from start to end. With our high-performing cloud infrastructure, we have added other new technologies to make our cloud managed services unique.
  • 100% redundant cloud: We keep your apps, server, and data on a 100% redundant cloud with backup copies. You can choose where you can keep your data.
  • Full Scalability: You can upgrade/downgrade your plan at any time with automatic operation. It does not include any service downtime. You can request this activity with a few clicks.
  • GDPR Compliance: Our cloud hosting managed services comply with CISPE standards for data protection under the European privacy directive.
  • Save your cost: You can reduce your network maintenance costs by outsourcing your cloud managed services. It is more cost-effective than having a full-time IT department.
  • Predict your monthly expenditure: Cloud managed services are flexible. It helps you to predict your monthly spending with a consistent bill. We can prepare a fixed monthly service plan to fit your budget.
  • Cover all service levels: Get better control on performance and maintenance with cloud managed services. We offer a detailed service-level agreement to help your business gain service continuity.
  • Data Safety and Recovery: We offer timely backups and quick recovery for all cloud services and applications. You can early access your data.
  • Quick Response Time: We take the responsibility to address any issue quickly with the cloud managed services. Our dedicated team resolves issues on time with real-time monitoring.
Owing to such benefits of cloud managed services, many industries are adopting the same rapidly. With such services, you can leverage the benefits of hosting your services without paying an in-house team. Get comprehensive cloud management support with us.

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