Top 10 Benefits of Swiss Premium Cloud Hosting

After the pandemic, many businesses are actively looking for strengthening their business continuity plans and cloud hosting plays a game-changing role here. They are understanding the importance of hosting their workload in the cloud and have already started transferring the same to the cloud. But why host in Switzerland?

When you host in Switzerland, you get Swiss IP and it is the best choice for most European companies. The country is politically neutral and secure. Hence, it creates a greater need to host your sites in Switzerland to keep your data centres safe from all kinds of attacks.

Artera is the leading cloud hosting managed service provider with dedicated teams, local language support both technical and administrative, and deep cloud expertise. When you go for Swiss premium cloud hosting with Artera, you can grow your business with the following benefits:

#1 Latency or response time

Latency or response time is a major differentiator between a slow and speedy website. When you host your sites in Switzerland, you can get the fastest response time for geographic advantage. The Swiss premium hosting services enable hosting, migrating, monitoring, and supporting simple with an advanced mechanism.

#2 Server scalability becomes easier

When you host your apps or websites in the cloud, scaling the server becomes much easier. The service provider gives you full control with a site management dashboard where you can see the performance of your site in real-time. Scale server resources up or down from the dashboard directly without asking for the help of your service provider.

#3 Redundant environment for 99.9% uptime

Typically, most hosting service providers leave your site on a single server. If something goes wrong, your site might go offline and until the server is fixed, you are offline. But every server is redundant when you host in Switzerland. These redundant servers can backup your sites within seconds. You will have a coexisting live version of your site with cloud hosting. This live version can load immediately, once another version of your site goes down.

#4 High availability to beat unexpected traffic surge

If you are still using any type of traditional hosting, your site is suffering from the physical server environment. Your site goes offline with the downtime of the physical server. If you are using a CDN (Content Delivery Network), it can reduce the overall downtime. But cloud hosting has a built-in high uptime. If one server goes offline or faces technical difficulty, you can transfer the workload to another server. Plus, you can scale your server resources on demand. Unexpected traffic surge? No big deal!

#5 Faster and high performing website

You can get the fastest speed with any cloud server. But cloud hosting effortlessly boosts the capacity of your site. It balances the load between multiple server environments and this reduces stress on a single server. The server hardware foundation also plays an important role in influencing the speed. Hence, cloud hosting having premium server hardware, multiple caching layers, and low-density servers are what you need.

#6 Save your cost with on-demand services

Cloud hosting is never expensive for those who use it as per demands. The on-demand feature of the cloud enables you to only pay for what resource you use. Plus, you can migrate your data, resource monitoring, and fully managed hosting for free of cost.

#7 Easy server management dashboard

Some years ago, you needed technical expertise to manage and scale the cloud servers efficiently. But a modern cloud hosting service provides you with an interesting dashboard. It helps to keep a track of your hosting simple. You don’t need any technical expertise to run your servers.

#8 Continue your business at any point

The in-house servers are great to have but never come with any guarantee. A complete disaster-proof system is a myth, but hosting your sites in the cloud can minimise the risks. You can never lose the services with swiss premium hosting. The data centres in the clouds have backup power generation that continues sending information even after the utility failures. The Swiss premium hosting services provide you an advanced mechanism that restarts the servers automatically, gathers diagnostic information, and notifies the technicians about the issues.

#9 Speed up your data delivery

When you host your sites on the cloud, you can leverage CDNs that give you faster data access. The Swiss premium cloud hosting services can detect the closest server of a user and send content faster from the nearest resource. There are no delays and the pages load faster. Cloud hosting always distributes the extra loads and speeds up the page requests.

#10 Protect your data with cloud hosting

The Swiss premium hosting services offer you multiple hosting options, as per your requirements. If you want, you can host your site in private, public, or hybrid clouds. Private clouds are the ultimate secure, giving access via dedicated usernames and passwords. You can choose hybrid cloud hosting by taking the best of both public and private clouds.

Host your sites with Artera

When you host your sites in the cloud with Artera, you can leverage all the benefits of premium swiss hosting. You can get all support and monitoring in the local language. We protect your sensitive data with security, reliability, and privacy. We make sure that your websites run smoothly. We provide Swiss premium services for automatic backups, fully managed services, control panels, and unlimited domains within the same hosting package.