Hosting in Switzerland: Tax benefits and maximum privacy

When purchasing hosting, you must take into account the country where the operation is carried out. The Member States of the European Union must comply with precise rules, primarily those on privacy. It is not uncommon for a company that wants to invest in a specific country, requires for more than legitimate reasons a hosting service that guarantees maximum privacy. In this case, the best solution may be to purchase hosting service in Switzerland, which offers numerous advantages. This is exactly what we will analyse in this guide, where we examine every reason why a company would certainly benefit from investing in Switzerland.

How premium hosting in Switzerland works

When thinking about hosting services here, these are the main concepts to know:


Before analysing them, however, it may be useful to first understand how premium hosting in Switzerland works.

The main requisite of a website is its response time. Imagine a showcase where the pages are load very slowly, which wastes precious time and loads contents that can be obtained in a few seconds on another container. It is immediately obvious how the duration of this space in terms of visibility is destined to be very short. In a world that travels increasingly faster, latency is the keyword. To make the difference in this sense is the hosting, that is literally ‘the space that hosts’ the site itself. Investing in Switzerland, and in particular in Artera’s services, means using a service that exploits the performance of devices capable of guaranteeing short latency times, i.e. very fast responses.

The IP (an acronym for Internet Protocol address) is the address that is associated with a particular host (in our case the Swiss one), and having a Swiss one is an advantage both for those who have an existing business and for those planning on having one. Having a Swiss hosting service lets you take advantage of the legislation in force in that particular country. In fact, in the world of the web, it does not matter where you are physically with the computer, but where you work virtually with it.

Since Swiss legislation is particularly advantageous in this area, the company that is also based in Switzerland can take advantage of for example the lower taxes (no VAT is paid), but at the same time, privacy is also guaranteed to all companies based in Italy.

For business people, these are fundamental concepts that can make a difference to a company. This is why an increasing number of entrepreneurs, especially Italians, are choosing to make use of a Swiss hosting because they need fiscal certainty and simplicity or (as we have legitimately said) greater privacy and security for company data.

Security – Cyber Security in Switzerland

Security is another cornerstone of hosting, and in this Artera makes the difference because, as we have mentioned, it offers the SSL certificate included, which is essential to establish truly secure connections, as encrypted. SSL must ensure this security by essentially covering every part of the website. Encryption is necessary precisely to protect the data of the site itself, otherwise, the exchange of information via the web could be intercepted by a third party who could use it causing serious damage to the owner.

Tax advantages of buying in Switzerland

Now we come to another of the most advantageous aspects of using Swiss hosting. The first thing to say is that in Switzerland there is such competitive taxation that it has earned the country the reputation of being a tax haven. The reason is simple, and it depends on the nature of Switzerland, which is a federal republic. This, in turn, causes taxes to be set according to the type of business you do, where you live, and whether you are an entrepreneur taking your business there instead of elsewhere.

For anyone in business, this aspect is particularly advantageous, as paradoxically the tax competition of the various areas of the country leads to a continuous lowering of taxes. Just make a quick comparison with Italian taxation, which in some cases can even reach 60% of income, to understand how a tax that does not exceed 9% in Switzerland represents a huge advantage for those who base their business on income. The particular tax regime in force in the country plays in favour of entrepreneurs and is specifically aimed at companies. Two particularities can be exploited:

  1. the tax department dedicated to companies: a company that has its headquarters in Switzerland benefits from far lower taxation than that of other countries, and this takes into account not only the registered office, as you might think but also about the type of business and the place where it produces value, namely Switzerland. In some way, that is, Switzerland rewards those who do business there;
  2. the tax department dedicated to foreigners: there are also special concessions dedicated to foreigners who carry out their activity in Switzerland, even if for limited periods. Among other things, operating with Swiss hosting also protects against the double-taxation mechanism particularly disliked by entrepreneurs. Not to mention the VAT, which in this case is not paid because it is outside the EU.

Privacy: why companies need it

The issue of privacy is a delicate and important issue at the same time. Choosing a Swiss hosting has among the advantages that of greater privacy.
In this case, we are not talking about the personal data of Site users, which are always and in any case protected by the European guarantor of normal privacy. Specifically, there is talk of the completely legitimate need for the site owner to maintain access to data within Switzerland alone. By activating a Swiss hosting you are protected due to the fact of being in a ‘non-EU’ environment, the rules of the European Community do not apply. For example, the same tax office that wanted to carry out checks could not have access to confidential data so easily but would need international letters rogatory to access it. The so-called Swiss-level privacy is precisely designed to protect users who use this country’s hosting, from governments, always of course in full compliance with the laws.

Reliability of Swiss hosting

Who says Swiss hosting today, says Artera. It is a company that has been operating in the business hosting sector for almost 20 years and has achieved excellent quality standards. Not only high-quality hosting but also an included SSL certificate. Investing in Swiss hosting is crucial in terms of neutrality and stability. These are two key concepts for anyone who does business online. In the first case, it means that tenders are guaranteed in Switzerland, starting from the public tariffs. This means that there are no manipulation or secret political agreements to have frequencies or connections. This guarantees the end-user the best price on the market.

When we talk about stability, we particularly refer to that of the federation itself, which has always been known for its independence from other member states of the European Union. This means that regardless of the crisis, tax adjustments, regulations or market crashes, Switzerland maintains the same legislative and tax framework for the entrepreneurs who invest there.

How to activate a hosting service in Switzerland

Activating a hosting service in Switzerland is really simple, relying on the experience of a specialised company. Artera is no exception in this sense because it combines the same two words that characterise the country: reliability and safety. These results are achievable thanks to the physical installation on the machines where the programs run, which make the hosting service high-performance and very secure at the same time. The data and everything contained on a site in Switzerland is always protected, even by law.

Why choose Artera

Ultimately the company you choose can make the difference, plus assistance for an Italian user is another strong point. Not all entrepreneurs need to be programmers too, quite the opposite. At the same time, while English is the language of choice for business nowadays, receiving assistance in a time of technical problem is not the same as having a simple business conversation. Assistance in Italian is one of the first reasons why more and more users rely on Artera.

Let’s see them all:

  • Managed premium hosting service. Basically, this means that it is managed at the highest levels both in technical terms and in terms of support for every type of need. The various proposals are differentiated exclusively by considering parameters such as web space and traffic, while as far as performance is concerned, the quality is always excellent. The service performance is, in fact, the highest currently available on the market;
  • Dedicated resources: this other aspect means that Artera’s service is not just a so-called ‘shared’ hosting. You never go into overbooking, an unpleasant phenomenon that clogs up and slows down a site’s performance due to an overload on the server. These are designed and organised to operate at low density, and this allows you to always have a ratio between the number of accounts and constant upgrades, to avoid slowdowns due to the strong multiple uses;
  • Stack Artera: this is a very simple principle that Artera has brought to maximum efficiency. A Stack is a structure that stores data (as the subroutines could be) as if they were stacked one above the other. In this case, specifically, we are referring to a set of programs that are used to create the sites, which are related to the operating system and the server. The entrepreneur is naturally not required to know these procedures because the Artera Stack takes care of everything. Suffice it to say that in this case, we are talking about a setting that allows a site to be displayed most efficiently and securely possible;
  • Migrating from a provider: those who are thinking of having to close and reopen a new site can rest assured because Artera also takes care of the transfer from another provider. All the migration of your hosting will take place without losing any type of data or file, including your email box with all messages;
  • Backup: how often can you lose all your data just for not having made a timely backup? At the same time, time cannot always be wasted on continually saving data, which would detract from the main activity. In this case, it is good to know that the backup with Artera is included and is stored in a separate and safe space from that of the hosting.