Artera offers tools for smart working until the end of the COVID emergency

The Coronavirus emergency and the consequent declaration of the red zone on the entire Italian territory has caught many companies unprepared, which, to avoid dangerous contagions and forced work breaks, have been forced to quickly reorganize their business through smart working, i.e. working remotely via videoconferencing and filesharing.


Artera is providing tools for smart working until the end of the COVID emergency

Given that many companies, especially small ones with up to 20 employees, find themselves having to quickly face a considerable organisational and economic difficulty, Artera gives them the possibility to try for free the best tools to easily approach the world of teleworking until the end of the COVID emergency: –

NextCloud private rooms: this software is a valid ally for workers and students, as it guarantees maximum protection of personal data and confidential information, which is encrypted during online and on-disk transfer. In addition, it is possible to integrate various functions to the server through specific applications to allow users to have full control of all their virtual material.
Thanks to the NextCloud private rooms you can share calendars, files, chat, make video calls with the Talk plugin, check emails and much more.- OnlyOffice: OnlyOffice is one of the most used tools in the field of smart working, as it can offer users a safe way to collaborate, create and edit business documents online, even through videoconferencing in private rooms.

Furthermore, to meet the needs of numerous companies and universities, it is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office, thus saving a lot of time and money, as it will not be necessary to make any kind of purchase/update.

All the advantages offered by smart working instrumentation

Artera is a Swiss company with many proven years of experience in the IT logistics sector. For this reason, it is perfectly capable of guaranteeing reliable and always reachable cloud services, which in turn can be easily managed through the appropriate Cockpit Panel.

Thanks to its team of qualified and constantly updated systems engineers, you can count on an accurate control of both your software and hardware systems.

It is also necessary to point out the opportunity to take advantage of the support and personalised assistance included in all the offers, including the free one launched on the occasion of the widespread diffusion of the Coronavirus.

Given that each company is a reality in its own right, the professionals take care of the detailed evaluation of the clouds, the software installation/updating, data backup and any repairs. If you need to make changes to a machine, you should not fear any kind of business interruption.

How to take advantage of the free offer

The free offer of tools and software for smart working is extended to universities and companies with under 20 employees located throughout Italy with no restrictions. The service can be provided with no problems for at least one thousand accounts.
To find out more, you can contact the company in the following ways:

– by sending an email to;
by filling out the form available here;

What happens once the COVID emergency is over

Once the COVID emergency is gone, you can sign up to one of the offers designed by Artera to meet every business need. To know the details just consult the site or ask for further information with the methods mentioned above.

Why focus on smart working

The Coronavirus emergency is allowing many companies, freelancers and students, to appreciate all the numerous benefits of smart working, namely:

– greater hourly flexibility: given that each person has different biorhythms from another, they can decide when to get to work to give the best of himself;

– lower environmental impact: since it is not necessary to travel daily from/to the workplace, there is a significant drop in pollution levels;

– considerable economic savings: both companies and workers will be able to save substantial sums of money, just think of electricity, fuel, subscriptions for public transport, lunch outside the home and so on;

– a healthier diet: how many workers eat junk food and high-calorie foods with the excuse that they don’t have time to sit down to eat a balanced meal

– thanks to teleworking, all this will be just a distant memory, as you will have time to prepare much healthier and more nutritious dishes than the traditional sandwich stuffed with mayonnaise;

– possibility to choose the preferred workstation: working directly from home, you can choose your favourite room and session.
So go ahead to the sofa, terrace or your favourite chair;

– fewer direct contacts with unpleasant colleagues: raise your hand if you have never disliked a colleague.

Thanks to teleworking, contacts with the latter will only be virtual, thus making the atmosphere lighter and more productive;

– possibility to better manage children or pets, as, due to a constant presence at home, they will feel less neglected.