OnlyOffice and Artera: your office suite within your site

There is a reason why the knowledge of the Office package is required everywhere nowadays, especially when working online: the tools contained within this suite, in fact, make it possible to cover numerous work requirements, from drafting texts to compiling spreadsheets.

However, when operating remotely and having to manage a team or a number of users online, it is necessary to opt for a solution that allows access to the same document without it being sent by e-mail, with all the associated inconveniences, and that generally allows an immediate and functional exchange of information.

Although it used to be possible to use tools external to one’s own portal, today there are much more secure internal solutions that are easily accessible to the entire team.

Knowing these needs, Artera is happy to now offer the <a href=”/en/only-office/”>OnlyOffice suite in Cloud Hosting</a> and Cloud Server solutions.

What is OnlyOffice?

OnlyOffice is a very popular suite of tools, active since 2014 (although its history dates back to 2009), which is recognised worldwide and allows you to integrate a wide variety of services within your own portal.

Among these it is important to mention:

  • It is a private service, not dependent on large multinationals such as Google or Microsoft, and can therefore enjoy greater security and protection of users’ personal data.
  • Access is allowed from all devices, giving the possibility to access messages and more, wherever you are.
  • Easy to install on all devices.
  • Covered by SSL, free of charge, which is an essential cryptographic protocol for every action on the Internet, plus access to the highest level of security with GDPR AND HIPAA compliance.
  • No data sharing with advertisers, as unfortunately happens in other e-mail services.
  • With the ability to collaborate with several hands on the same document, with different levels of interaction (you can choose who can write, edit and view the document).
  • The creation of calculation modules, essential for managing calendars, reports and invoices.
  • Reading and exporting PDF type documents, so you can have a control panel where you can check the receipt of various documents without the need for an e-mail exchange.
  • Creation and management of presentations.

In short: a secure system with all the functionality you need. Moreover, we are talking about a tool that is extremely compatible with all types of computers and mobile devices, great for businesses thanks to the available connectors (from WordPress to Moodle), and for developers.

The integration with Artera

The countless positive aspects of this suite resonated with Artera’s personal mission, which shares the same focus on functionality, security and privacy (as well as cherishing the potential of Open Source tools like OnlyOffice).

Once this tool was integrated into the hosting plans, its functions were adapted to the needs of each customer by creating 4 different plans to choose from.

Those who have a staff with a limited number of people can take advantage of the Small option, which allows access and use for up to 5 users, up to the Enterprise solution, with its 50 simultaneous users.

All this by integrating into this suite of tools the features that already distinguished Artera’s service: speed and simplicity of integration, technical support that is always active and prepared, and a high-performance platform that allows the suite to operate at its maximum capacity.

Finally, Artera knows how important it is to try out a service before choosing it: that is why OnlyOffice was tried out by the developers themselves before integrating it into their plans, and why Artera offers a 60-day free trial to experience all the suite’s functions at first hand.